Saturday, January 24, 2009

Please Keep Matt Honson in Your Prayers

Hello!  This is Joey.  As you know, my very dear friend, Matt Honson, has broken his neck, fractured his skull, and broken a bone in his face.  As I type this (it is 8:30pm CT) Matt is undergoing surgery at Baptist Hospital in Hong Kong to place a pin in his axis vertebra (C2).  This is a very tricky surgery.  If all goes well, they will also operate on his compound skull fracture and possibly his cheek bone.  In addition to the surgery, please pray that Matt's wounds do not become infected and cause swelling in his brain.  He is prophylactically on antibiotics; please pray that these are effective.  Matt's parents are now in Hong Kong and were able to speak with a cognizant Matt upon their arrival and prior to the surgery.  Praise God that Matt was flown to Hong Kong where Mom and Dad have been able to help them with food, housing, transportation, communication, and by simply being Jesus' hands and feet.  I'm so thankful for the willing support that Mom and Dad have shown the Honsons.

This is a news broadcast from a Rockford station.

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