Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Matt Honson Video and Update

Hello, friends and family!
I've uploaded a video of Matt and his dad at Hong Kong Baptist Hospital below. We're so thankful that his surgery went well. As Matt says in the video, his recovery from such an injury really does defy the odds, especially considering where he was when it occurred, and gives us reason to thank God for his mercy! Please keep Matt's recovery in your prayers. From what we've heard only recently he has likely lost all vision in his right eye, which will be a difficult adjustment to say the least. However, in all other aspects his recovery continues to go well, which in itself is miraculous.

Below is a picture of Matt pre-accident:

We are also so thankful that my uncle's (Scott Torgerson's) surgery went well yesterday! God is good! We are doing well these days. I had a snow day yesterday and another one today, so I'm very much a happy camper! Teaching has been so fun this year - I really do enjoy teaching history and also really love the students that I'm teaching. Kim is doing well also, and is truly a wonderful mother, doing a really good job of balancing being a part-time nurse and a mom. Ellie is also doing well, despite her current cold (from day-care, of course). The main theme of her development lately is imitation as she tries to mimic what we say. Granted she doesn't imitate too precisely considering she's 14 months, but I'm still trying my very best to be careful with my word choices! We've also been building a lot of forts in the living room lately. That might be more of a me thing than an Ellie thing, as for some reason I feel like building forts every winter. I also eat a lot more, too, which probably isn't too uncommon I guess. It must be some kind of an underlying natural instinct. Either that or I'm part bear. Regardless, we have been constructing awesome (according to me, not Kim) forts to explore together. I say (in retrospect only) that it's good for Ellie's spatial reasoning and awareness of what's above her. Happy snow day, everyone!

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Sara said...

that's a wonderful video from Matt and family... thanks for sharing. we've been praying here in Michigan, and we will continue to do so.