Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last night we got Ellie to bed kind of late. Ok, a lot late! She did fine with it and then slept in until 10am!!! WOW! That's a new record.  So when she woke up, I put her in her exersaucer with a baby einstein signs video and went upstairs and took a shower.  I came back to find her little food compartment full of puke! She had hardly ate any of the cheerios I had put in front of her. They were either on the floor or soaked.  I didn't know what that was all about but decided it was time for a bath.  So she got her bath, I got her in her nice clean clothes and....she puked again! She was looking really tired and at this point it was 11:15, so I put her in bed.  I went in to her door to check on her and I could hear puking noises again! So I came in and there were several wet spots all over her bed! When I came in she was retching! So I picked her up to console her and she wouldn't let me put her down.  So she is now downstairs with me playing very slowly, quietly and gently.  Poor girl! She had her Dr. appt this Monday and got four immunizations which she's never had any reaction besides a low grade fever.  She also had daycare on Tuesday.  She usually wakes up Thursday with a cold, but today it's puking! Our poor little one year old!

On another note, at her Dr. appt Ellie weighed 20 lbs 2.5 oz.  She is officially in a car seat that is forward facing, which is really exciting! That puts her in the 23rd percentile for weight, so a little tiny! She is 28 3/4 inch long which puts her in the 30th percentile for height.  So with that said, we have started whole milk (which has taken some getting used to) to see if we can puff her up a bit.  :) She is developmentally right on target! :) We are just so thankful for her health!  Up until this point the nursing weaning process has been very natural, which has made it nice and easy.  At nine months, I started nursing her three times a day; for the last month I've been nursing her twice a day.  I've always said I would stop at a year and here we are! So last night I skipped the night feeding! So we are now moving into once a day.  In many ways I'm excited about this transition, but in many other ways, this is really hard! I told Joey last night that he was going to have to help me wean!  I love the bonding! I will definitely miss it!


Sara said...

sorry to hear that ellie is sick - hope she's doing better soon :)

greandma merrilee said...

don't you wish she could talk and tell you how she is feeling? it's a helpless feeling when they can't let you know where they hurt. praying that ellie feels better soon and for you as you comfort and care for her.