Sunday, December 14, 2008


So thankfully, Ellie took a nice long nap that day she was sick and then went to bed a little early and woke up her perfectly happy little self!  Her appetite was a little sluggish for a day or two after, but at least she was only puking the one day....THEN yesterday, I got sick! I was at work yesterday (Saturday) and I was feeling really gross off and on all day and by 5pm I was ready to puke! So I told my charge nurse and she was able to let me out by about 6:15.  It's a good thing too because as soon as I got home I got sick! So I went to bed and actually had a fever.  Though a little sluggish today, I'm feeling much better this evening.  I even had a full dinner meal at Panera Bread! Yummm! Needless to say, I've heard from several people that something is going around...gotta love daycare once again! :) Now let's just hope Joey doesn't get it!


grandma merrilee said...

sorry you girls have both been sick! looks like the cambridge torgies are all battling the flu bug too. yuck! hope you can stay well, joe and start your christmas holidays feeling healthy!

KJBLS said...

this is a bit late in the game, but can you please give e-mail me your mailing address so we can send you guys a christmas (or maybe new year's :) card?
you can send it to