Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Party!

     So Ellie turned one on Friday! YAY! It's so hard to believe that it has already been a year but at the same time hard to believe that we've known this wonderful person for only a year! Ellie is doing so well and we are so incredibly thankful for her and for her health.  Work for me has become a spiritual time of thanksgiving in my heart for the health I have been blessed with for so many years as well as for the health of my husband and our families and now even our child. It has been an amazing year! I would say the best in my life! Ellie has already changed so much and she is becoming more fun everyday! Ok so now for the birthday party pictures!

Here is Ellie and her daddy eating pizza.  

And this is Ellie's friend, Gabe.  He was the only friend her age at the party! :)

Ellie is trying to get the hat off and Gabe is being good and keeping his on.

Here is Ellie reading her cards

I thought this was so cute! Gabe eating fish and Ellie opening her presents one small piece at a time in the background.

This is a good shot of the party guests and you can see some decorations in the background. (And our nativity scene is up!)

Ellie and her cake.  She did try several times to grab the enflamed candles despite my warnings that it's "hot."  

Of course she wouldn't keep that hat on for anything!

This was Ellie's point of view during singing.

And finally her first cake eating experience!

Yes, she pretty much stuffed her mouth!
And finally in case you all forgot, Ellie is "so big!" (notice her foot)

Thank-you to all who came to Ellie's party and for all the gifts (even the one from grandpa Steve and grandma Merrilee in Hong Kong)! She had a wonderful time and although SHE won't remember it, WE will!


lindseypn said...

Yay! Happy Birthday, Ellie! How exciting! Looks like you threw a lovely party, Kim! Well done!

Ma Torg said...

The foot is definitely great.

the taos said...

Yay Ellie!! Haha. Love that last picture. Gabe probably won't remember his first bday party either, but at least we have pictures! =)