Saturday, August 11, 2012

We're Back!

After a very exciting summer away in America (with our first week in Hong Kong, actually) we are back!  We've been back for two weeks now.  The first week back we got to entertain Jamie (Joey's sis) and Robb (her hubby) and the second week the girls started school!  They were so excited to get back to school and after one full week, they are still excited to be back!  So far, so good! :)  And this Monday, Joey starts school!! Hopefully now that we are back, we can have some more regular updates!

Family pic from this summer:

ps.  As long as everything goes well, baby #3's birthday will be October 10th at 8:30am (the joys of having a c-section is knowing in advance the birthday!).


Shannon said...

A Double 10 birthday?!? Awesome. I'm sorta surprised that date was available.

Kim Torgy said...

YES! Well, my OB said it was fine if it was in the morning. And well, since the hospital is always open it was up to my OB. It's my dad's birthday, so that's especially why I picked it. :)

kate said...

LOVE the 10/10 birthday! Anna's original due date was Oct. 9 and I hoped and hoped she'd have a 10/10 birthday… but she ended up coming a month early (9/12). So fun that your daughter will share a birthday with her grandpa but will also have a long vacation around her birthday as long as you continue to live in Taiwan!