Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weeks of Siri

First let's look back at a few pictures throughout Siri's life to get a feel for how much she's changed!
Sept. 29- Week 1
Dec. 8- Week 11
Feb 17- Week 21
Apr. 27- Week 31
And here are the most recent pics of Siri:
Aug. 3th- Week 45
Aug. 10th-Week 46
Aug. 17- Week 47
Do you believe how close we are to week 52!?!


The Cliftons said...

I think she looks more and more like big sissy the older she gets. Only chubbier. :) Definitely a cutie!

grandma merrilee said...

i think siri is one of the most huggable babies i have ever hugged! i miss you siri and i wish i could hug you now!