Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Fun!

Part 1: Ellie update:
Our lives are always changing. Looking back at this blog that has been mostly untouched all summer is great evidence of that! I can't believe how young our girls look in the pictures and to think back to then (yes I know only months ago) I can't believe how different life now seems. It may appear to most that things are relatively unchanged with the exception of a much bigger infant however it's the subtle things like that that make all the difference in the world. I'll use pictures to explain away our summer:
Joey has a garden! These pictures really don't do justice actually. His garden is amazing! And I, leaning towards practicality in most every way, began the summer very skeptical of his garden. Why pour the money and energy into something that is gone in one season!? But I stand corrected. I really enjoy it and have humbly admitted this to him to which he gives me his "I told you so" talk. :)
Ellie has become even more animated than ever! For those who knew her before this summer may find that hard to believe but she is even MORE verbal and more dramatic (not in an emotional way, but in a make-believe way). Ellie pretty much talks about EVERYTHING at all times. It's mostly entertaining though I must admit it can be quite exhausting. The quiet of nap time usually consists of ringing ears. And she LOVES to pretend! Ellie has seen "The Little Mermaid" maybe three times total in her entire lifetime and the way she talks about it you would think we set her down in front of that movie EVERYDAY! She LOVES Ariel which honestly neither Joey nor I are quite proud of seeing as Ariel is really just a disobedient child wearing nothing more than a bra. I digress. Here is our drama-queen (posing for these pictures, mind you):
And here she is being Ariel.
More news: Ellie is potty training! I still say is potty training because well, she still has accidents occasionally though we began this process in the beginning of June. We still have to remind her to go and sometimes insist she goes. She seems to have the most accidents while playing with others, but she's getting there! She really enjoys the praise of using the potty "all by herself!"
Here are some pics of Ellie at the zoo from early June. There aren't any of Siri because she stayed in the stroller most of the time, but I'll do a whole blog on her later!
The petting zoo (she's about to give him a kiss):
Shortly after that zoo trip I took a trip to Harvard Medical School for a three day course in bioethics! I'm no ethicist but I learned lots! :)
Then we had a nice visit from Ellie and Siri's great-grandparents (Joey's grandparents)! They sure do LOVE them! :)
Ok and a sneak peak at Siri:
And a new favorite:

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Thanks for the update, my friend! It's lovely to see how your kids are growing.