Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not yet walking!

Ellie is becoming more and more expressive everyday! She is getting so big! She's a little less than 2 weeks away from the big Zero-one (it sounds better with two syllables like the big two-five)! 

This is Ellie making a funny face on command:

She is not yet walking on her own.  She just won't let go of my one pinky! She's kinda girly and timid in that way, she doesn't really like to fall and tries to avoid it at all costs! She is getting everywhere she needs to (and is not supposed to) go. She is climbing stairs like a crazy woman and cruising around all the furniture.  She also was pushing a chair in the annex of church this morning! 
Ellie has a little "snack trap" that she got from her friend Gabe and she loves it! We put her little Cheerios in there and she goes in and grabs them one at a time! (Not sure if I've posted a picture of Ellie's sweater and matching hat from Grandma Kim but it's a favorite!)
The other day we went on an adventure outside to look at the leaves.  Ellie had tons of fun and was trying to give me all the leaves she was finding! So cute! :)

Today for church Ellie wore her new dress that she just received from her grandma Merrilee in Hong Kong! She looked so cute in it and it's cotton so she's able to cruise! 

After church and a small nap Ellie and I went with Gabe and his mom Sarah to the mall to get a few things.  This is right before we left for the mall:

And this is after:


grandma merrilee said...

ellie looks lovely in her "grandma clothes" and the pictures of her in the leaves are precious. can't believe she is almost one years old!

Ma Torg said...

Very cute. I can't believe how much older she looks already. My, my. They grow too fast

lindseypn said...

So cute! Love the photos! Welcome to blogspot!

the taos said...

hahaha! Loooooove it!