Monday, March 12, 2012

Our model

I'm attempting this post from my phone so I'm sure these already not-so-great-quality photos will be of even poorer quality but you at least you will get the idea anyway!

Being blonde-haired and blue-eyed makes you beautiful here in Taiwan. That's just that! So when a clothing company heard about our blonde baby 88cm tall, they just had to have her model for their new catalog. So Siri and I drove out with another mom and her son, who has been their model for some time now, and did an hour and a half photo shoot. Siri loved it! I wasn't sure how she would take to the make-up, hair-do, bows and 7 outfits but she really enjoyed all the attention (and candy) she received. I took a few pictures on my phone but we will get a copy of the catalog when it comes out in a few months which will, I think, be totally worth it! Oh and she got paid for doing it! (The money is going toward her diaper fees.)

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Shannon said...

Awesome!! And I am SO jealous. :) I think Josiah would be great at this and I would love the extra money, of course. Unfortunately, HK doesn't do this like Taiwan does.