Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas Break recap

The first weekend of Christmas break Jamie and Robb graced us with their presence! It was wonderful to see them again as we hadn't seen them since they got married 1 1/2 yrs earlier! TOO LONG! And shortly after they arrived Merrilee came and shortly after that, Steve arrived! It ended up being about a full week with everyone (of course we were missing Joey's brother Jesse and his family! :( ).
As all of our guests have been previous residents of Taiwan, their trip did not include many of the touristy things you would think of when entertaining guests in another country. The only requests our guests made were for: bubble tea, night market and Taiwan Costco! hehe :) Those were easily gratified! So instead of the normal touristy things we did a lot of this:
Well some of us did that while most of us just ate that!

We also did a lot of this: (You won't be able to tell what "this" is from this picture. "This"= playing at the playground.)
We had a somewhat traditional meal for Christmas Eve dinner with the exception of eating a somewhat American entree as opposed to a chinese one. But the candles were out and we were all dressed up (from the waist up and Robb is so kindly demonstrating)!
We even sang Christmas carols while Joey played piano and the girls played their instruments
And then we sang happy birthday to Jesus.
On Christmas day the girls opened stockings
And then we headed off to church.
And....unfortunately that's about all the pictures I have of the Torgersons' trip! SORRY! :( We had a wonderful time and were so thankful to celebrate our first Taiwan Christmas with family!

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