Sunday, July 31, 2011

Re-cap: Summer 2011

It has been quite the summer for us as we packed up our house and said goodbye to many of our loved ones we have in the states! Here is a VERY condensed version of the entire summer....First stop: Chicago

We had some nice hang-out time with Colette and Elliott!
Then we headed up to MN to visit family and friends there:
And of course it wouldn't be a very good MN trip without a twins game
And some more MN friends:

On our way back to Chicago we stopped in Fairmont to see Grandpa and Grandma Torgerson.
Then we were off to New York for pre-field orientation.

At the airport on the way to New York:
Our early morning walk:
After one week of orientation, we took a trip to Niagara Falls on the 4th of July weekend and met up with some friends (Joey's old classmate Katrina and her family)
Then we finished our orientation the next week, ending with a banquet
We then spent some time in Chicago, hanging out with family:
Then we headed up to MI for a day trip to visit the Schippers
We then headed back to Chicago for a few days. Then Joey and I drove down back to St. Louis for one last time to finish packing up our place and to say goodbye to friends. Steve and Merrilee met us down there and helped us clean up!
Then it was back to Chicago for one last time. We took a tour of Bucktown, my grandparent's old neighborhood
We then headed out to San Francisco to visit with Joey's brother's family. I will post those pics later as there are quite a few good ones I wanna post!


SnoWhite said...

busy, but wonderful summer, friend! I am so glad we had a chance to see one another!

Ma Torg said...

you must be in shock that it is al over! I remember feeling that way when we finally made it to Cambridge! Hope you are settling in well!