Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Man-made Music

Amazingly, I think this is the first time I (Joey) have posted on our Blogger blog! It seems one of us is more responsible when it comes to keeping in touch... Anyway, I was going to title this entry Monthly Music, but Kim laughed at me and told me it was a silly idea because I would never follow through with it. I was planning on writing that I would try to write and post a song once a month this year for your listening enjoyment and because writing music is selfishly therapeutic for me. But Kim's probably right, so I'll just post one song now and then maybe one or two more some time in the distant future. I can't figure out how to just upload a song, so I made a video (sneaky sneaky) with a picture of a cloister in Norwich, England, where we visited with Jesse and Kelly. Also, I recorded this on the wonderful Mac software of GarageBand (which I actually really love), so apologies for the rough recording (and the occasionally flat and/or weird backup vocals).
The lyrics, as requested by Mom:

In dawns and breeze

and summer streams

We wake our means

We shake our dreams

In moons and leaves

and fallen trees

We rest our heads

We make our beds

And down the sun will go

and east the wind will blow

and streams will flow toward

the ocean indistinguishable

We drown, we drown

It's hope, belief

It's fantasy

You lift your head

As moons turn red

And death, she's free

and broken knees

Will fill like trees

Will tumble like leaves

We walk down her streets unseen

We feign invincibility

And laugh out loud as if we'd

never know her crushing defeats

We drown, we drown

I plead for relief

In death is peace

My God is inextinguishable

My heart stops beating

And down the sun will go

and east the wind will blow

and streams will flow toward

the ocean indistinguishable

We drown, we drown

And down my sun will go

and east my wind will blow

and streams will flow toward

my ocean indistinguishable

I drown, I drown

In other news, things are going well for us. I'm just winding up with my summer classes and getting mentally ready to get back into the swing of things with school. I'm teaching Western Civ still and am excited about Round 2! I'm also coaching 9th grade volleyball in the fall, which should be interesting considering I know next to nothing about coaching volleyball. Good thing I took a volleyball class in college!


Anonymous said...

Great Song! I love it!


mom merrilee said...

it was great to hear you singing one of your songs again. i enjoyed it. thanks. can you send me a copy of the words?

Pa Torg said...

You are very creative. At certain moments it reminded me of some old Simon and Garfunkel sounds, but only briefly. A powerful song. I just watched Benjamin Button, and interesting it has some of the same thoughts about mortality and even uses a lot of the same imagery to express them. I like also the splashes of red and orange colours you use with effect amidst the black and white and grey of most of the song.

One thing that really resonated is that the transition from "feigning invincibility" and a general awareness of death impending to a knowledge of "down MY sun will go" indeed happens very quickly. Drowning captures my feeling, though you know this better than I ... . I also agree that the comfort of Christ is that of a lighthouse rather than a rescue boat. Thanks for posting.

Schipper said...